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September 8, 2013

The Battle Invades My Sleep

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The Battle Invades My Sleep

By OldMack  08/11/2012 08:48

Previously published on Craigslist.org\lit and writing forum

The Battle Invades My Sleep

Sixty Anniversaries laid end to end stretch from that damned hill to my bed. Ghosts span that bridge of time who died on that ridge so long ago and so young. Time has leeched the color from their faces, from the sky and ground; the azure and ocher and crimson are gray as the bottoms of nimbus clouds now overhead. Those few days of August, twenty-one thousand nine hundred days in the past, caught up with me again while I tried to nap. As always I try to infuse those days and hours and deaths with meaning and, as always, there is none; they are simply bad days in August, mere tropical storms of the past.


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