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About Old Mack

About OldMack

He was born Ronald McKinney in Marlow, Oklahoma.  Come September he’ll be 79.  That’s nineteen years more than his father or his grandfather had, so he’s now on borrowed time.

Last weekend, August 3, 4,and 5, he was admitted to the Bay Pines VA Hospital with “chest pains.”  He was wheeled up to the “Cardiac” ward and tucked into bed by a bevy of beautiful doctors and nurses.  They gave him “the works,” blood tests (4 or 5 of them at all hours, but mainly just after he’d gone to sleep) X-Rayed him, electrocardiographed him, and then they fed him some excellent chow.  On the second day of his stay, he was wheeled down to the “Nuclear Medicine” shop and there given a “Stress Test” (i.e. his heart was stressed with radioactive isotopes).  And then, in yet another shop, his heart was scoped with “ultrasound” gear which showed him his own heart plugging away very efficiently.

After they ruled out a “heart attack” as the cause of his “chest pain,” they decided it was merely a case of “bronchitis” and put him on an anti-biotic.

They interrupted a pleasant weekend by presenting his “discharge” papers.  He called his daughter, Allison, to come pick him up and drive him home.

While he was away from home, Allison spent all of her free time keeping her mother company and running errands for her.  God bless her.


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  1. Howdy cousin. Thanks for reading my maundering s. “Papa” Cloudy Calhoun was probably the best loved man in Marlow, OK. Some say he built the town single handed, but I’ve seen pictures of him in his nail apron standing beside his co-carpenter, his long white beard tucked behind his nail pouch, his white mane of hair brushing the porch ceiling wreathed in a cloud of impatient pipe smoke, ready to get back to work–at the age of 95.

    Comment by OldMack — May 2, 2011 @ 4:25 pm | Reply

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