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July 27, 2015

All I think about these days

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Cigarettes top the list: how many are left. Do I have enough cash to get another carton?  The weather comes next: when will this rain end so I can open my window to let the smoke out?  A.J. will get soaked when she stops to buy another carton of cigarettes when she comes over to borrow more money; the streets will be slick as snot on glass doorknobs this morning; I hope she doesn’t wreck my new truck, which she is taking to the dealer for servicing today.

I check the calendar often, trying to slow the passage of days or to speed them up.  I’m anxious now because my checking account is close to empty and payday is still four days away.  I worry about making mistakes in arithmetic, and overdrawing my account; my bank charges a carton of cigarettes for an overdraft fee.  I shop with my debit card and sometimes forget to subtract the grocery bill from my check register, or I misread the amount.  Maybe, among all the problems developing with age, I have become dyslexic.  I know for a fact that I tend to misread numbers on faded cash-register receipts.

My old truck parked out back is also on my mind a lot; I put an ad on Craigslist, hoping to sell it, but everyone seems to think they can steal it and make ridiculous offers.  I have bought tools advertised on Craigslist, but always pay what the seller is asking.  But I see that a lot of men who have YouTube channels take advantage of sellers and then make a bundle by flipping the stuff they have stolen from some hard up person; they actually brag about it.  I think that’s pretty sleazy; it reminds me of my dad’s youngest brother, Uncle Roy, who cheated the girls who hustled for him and kids like me who worked for him.

My eyes are getting weaker by the day.  I can’t read more than ten pages without getting a headache.  It’s time to get new glasses, but I’m too impatient to spend hours in the optometrist’s waiting room.  My hearing is also getting worse, and my hearing aids are out of whack; the wait at the audiology lab at our VA Hospital is even longer than it is in optometry.  I could, of course, go to civilian purveyors of eye glasses and hearing aids, but I don’t trust civilians.

Obesity is also on my mind.  How could it not be, when I have to struggle to button the waistband of my trousers every morning.  I try dieting, but get up in the middle of the night to pee and stop in the kitchen to make myself a PB&J to snack on before climbing back into bed.  This reminds me that I’m not the only thing falling apart.  The Trans-Canyon pipeline across the Grand Canyon is being replaced; I wonder who will climb the Inner Gorge when that piece of the pipeline fails.

Ideas for stories seem to have dried up.  If you have been here recently, you have noticed.  I hope the next time you visit my blog you’ll find something more interesting to read.


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