Old Mack’s Tales

July 16, 2011

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OldMack’s Boat

“Just lookin’ for a new home.”


This is my 17-foot sloop under sail.  It currently sits on a cradle in my back yard awaiting the spirit to move me to patch a hole, varnish the bright work and put it back on its new trailer.  I’ve grown too old and feeble to single-hand the boat, so if someone is interested in it I’ll make the price right.


I built this boat in the back yard from plans in my head which evolved from a similar boat with less freeboard that I used to sail on San Francisco Bay—there the outgoing tides met the stiff westerly winds and made the surface of the bay a washboard.  I changed the wooden centerboard for one made of 3/8 inch thick aluminum; the new CB adds ballast and allows the boat to point higher.


There’s a foredeck above a dry storage area and two can sleep on the cockpit sole. .A canvas cover and boom tent go with it, making it perfect for exploring the coastal barrier islands.  And boat camping. The hull is constructed of wood and epoxy resin with a Dynel sheath saturated in epoxy resin.  Although I’ve seldom used it, I stow a 4HP Johnson Seagull in the forward compartment, just in case I feel too lazy to man the oars when becalmed.


"Just Lookin' for a home"



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  1. Been waiting for the pic and the story to go along with it Mack. Makes me sad to read you’re giving her up. I can see you on that boat. –tw

    Comment by train-whistle — July 16, 2011 @ 9:29 pm | Reply

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