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May 18, 2011

Too Pooped to Pop

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When my wife called at 0600 from the hospital, I was already up and about.  She wanted me to bring her lower denture to her; how she left home without it I’ll never know.  And she needed some Fixodent and a sweater too.

I gathered the stuff and drove to the hospital.  I left the bag with the receptionist; she promissed to deliver it before lunch time.  And then I came home.

Here I installed a new starter solenoid on my 1972 blunt nosed Ford E-300 van.  There’s damned little space in which to work and sharp things everywhere I put my hands.  I was bleeding from half a dozen small pricks; due to the anti-coagulants I take a mere scratch looks like a major wound, with blood dripping all over my khakis.

Altough I only worked out back for an hour or two, I was completely exhausted when I came back indoors.  I drank a pint of water, planted myself in an easy chair with a book and read until I fell asleep.  The hard-cover book, not a lightweight, slipped from my lap and landed on my bare feet.  That’s not a fun way to wake up.

By then it was time to drive back to the hospital for a brief visit with my wife and the woman she shares a room with.

After the visit my car wouldn’t start.  I waited twenty minutes for someone to give my battery a boost ( I keep two pairs of jumper cables in the trunk; one long and one short which can be linked and reach almost any samaritan’s battery box.

I filled the gas tank on the drive home; $19.78 filled it up; in other words four trips from home to hospital and back cost nearly $20.  I’m really beginning to wonder aboutPresidentObama’s right wing policies; aren’t you?


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