Old Mack’s Tales

February 27, 2008

Cool Today but Cold Tomorrow

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This is not the sort of weather we enjoy; there are no mountains or snow down here on the Sun Coast of Florida; we can’t go skiing.  When the wind blows, as it’s blowing now, I worry about the boat flipping its trailer again; I still haven’t patched the hole in its hull from the last time it capsized.

The tent over my old 1972 Ford camper van is flapping so hard the noise drowns out the thunder; it is straining the guy ropes and bungee cords.  I went out back to double up some lines and replace a few frayed bungees, but felt too unsteady on the ladder, so I gave it up. I was out there only long enough to get chilled.

When I came back in the house, I had to take a hot shower to warm up.  We have no central heating system in the house. Chris was still in bed, curled up in a ball and hugging the thin covers, so I tossed a quilt over her and tucked it in.  She grinned like the Cheshire, murmured thanks and suggested that I come back to bed.  I was tempted, but I had dogs to feed.

I warmed up a pot of veggies—left over cauliflower, carrots and Brussels sprouts which I over cooked last night.  The dogs don’t mind smooshy vegetables, but I do; I prefer mine crunchy.

If it gets any colder in here I may write a story about skiing.  A friend clipped and sent a page from USA TODAY containing an article about Lindsey Vonn. There’s a lovely 6 X 8 photo of Lindsey going like a bat outta hell in the World Cup meet; her skis are perpendicular to the fall line, edges cutting ice, her shapely rump only inches from hitting the slope and her left glove touching it; that rooster tail of powder in her wake is crisply clear against the cobalt sky.

Ah yes, how well I remember the 1956 Winter Games in Cortina, Italy when Austria’s Tony Sailor won all three gold medals (downhill, slalom and giant slalom).  The Swiss women haven’t had it that good since Madeleine Berthod left the game.  I feel a story percolating.  Maybe later I’ll write it.


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